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Knowledge test & Drive test

Knowledge test:


  • Have current WA ID or visit any local Department of Licensing Office and provide proper ID (Green Card, Passport, Government issued Photo ID, Military ID and Social Security Number) or Pre-apply online (For applicant who is new to Washington or applicant who never had a WA Instructional Permit, Driver License or ID). After completed, you will receive a Confirmation Number (LIC#). Be sure to print out or write down this number. This number will allow us to enter your test score into the DOL System.
  • Knowledge Test consists of 40 multiple choice questions in seven languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish or Vietnamese). Study information contained in the Washington State Driver Guide. You must answer at least 32 questions to pass the Knowledge Test.
  • Applicant may hire a professional licensed interpreter to translate the Knowledge Test.
  • Knowledge Test fee is $30 & Appointment Only. Click Book Now Button to schedule your Knowledge Test.


Drive test

  • Have current WA ID or WA Instruction Permit or provide proper ID and pre-apply online. Applicant don't have current Instruction Permit, we will provide a "Temporary Authorization to Drive Form" for applicant.
  • Bring your vehicle, bring proof of auto Insurance & have current auto license tab.
  • ​Vehicle must be in good working condition: all 3 brake lights, turn lights, seatbelts, wipers, headlights, deforster, doors & windows must be operational.
  • Your must have score of 80 or more to pass the Driving Test. Please allow us 24 hours to enter your score into the DOL system. You must visit your local DOL office to obtain your new driver license.
  • Drive Test fee is $60 & Appointment Only. Click Book now button to Schedule.  Instruction Car is available for rent.

DOL ~ Videos

Drive test #1: Pre-test

Drive test #2: Backing maneuver

Driving test #3: Parallel parking

Driving test #4: Lane change and turning

Online Booking

We go by Appointment only, no walk in appointment.

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